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The following is a list of properties or contiguous Property Groups that are held by Copper Reef in the Flin Flon Greenstone Belt of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The properties are listed into three main categories: Base metals, Gold, and Diamonds.

The Base metal Properties are further subdivided into Dominantly Zinc; Copper- Zinc; and dominantly Copper. Generally they are all polymetallic with appreciable contents of Zinc, Copper, Silver and Gold and occasionally Lead. The Properties are further subdivided into significant Properties and Lesser Properties.

Major Zinc Properties
Morgan-Woosey-Cook Group (Rockcliff Copper Corp.) Zn (Royalty Only)
Hanson Lake Mine Property (Zn)
East Big Island Property (Zn-PGE's)
McIlvenna Property (Foran Mining Corporation) Zn-Cu (Royalty only)
Minor Zinc Properties
Kississing Property Zn-Cu

Copper Zinc Properties

Major Copper- Zinc Properties
Albert- Lew- Amulet-Mur Group Zn-Cu
Mink Narrows Property Cu-Zn
Big Island-Bib-Steeves (BBS) Cu-Zn
Bigstone (2% Royalty only) (Cu)
Sherlynn Lynn Lake Manitoba (Cu)
Counsell Lake property, Lynn Lake Manitoba (Cu)
Sewell Lake Property (Reed Lake -Snow Lake) Cu-Zn
Balsam (2% Royalty only) (Cu)
Pine Bay Mine (1% NSR Royalty Only) (Cu)
Smelter Claims Cu-Zn?
Bartley Lake Group Cu-Zn-Au
Minor Copper Properties
Radar property, Flin Flon Cu-Zn-Au
Lucille Lake - Flin Flon, MB (Cu)
Mikanagan Property -Flin Flon , MB (Cu, Au, PGE's)
Other Properties - (Royalties only )  
Copper Reefs holds a 2% NSR royalty on Foran's Hanson Property, a 2%NSR on Foran's Sam Property (copper) Copper Reef holds a 2% NSR on Foran's Reed Property in Snow Lake , Manitoba.

Gold Properties

Major Gold Properties
North Star-Gold Rock Au
Alberts Gold-Gwynne Au
Minor Gold Properties
Kiss Au
Otter Lake Au, Ag
Burn Au, Ag
Jewel Box Au
Jenny Au-Cu
Bartley Lake Group Au-Cu

Diamond Properties

North Pikoo Diamonds
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